Social Media can be like another planet for some people, while for others it’s in their nature. They “speak” it as a second language, and thus it becomes fun. If you find yourself in the first category, all these basic promotion ideas will come in handy when you decide to start your online campaigns.

If you are at the beginning when it comes to Social Media strategies this is what you should know if you want to share things:

  • Facebook is all about “I like this kind of food”
  • Twitter “I’m eating this #kindoffood” (hashtags are a must on every platform these days)
  • Foursquare “Here is where I’m eating this kind of food”
  • Instagram: “Here’s a picture of this kind of food”
  • Pinterest “Here is how you can make this kind of food”

See?! It ain’t so hard after all!

Social Media Campaigns III

  • Idea #1

Although we mostly talk about Facebook campaigns, you should take advantage of a free Twitter account too. As mentioned before, hashtags (#) are very important. If you want to make a statement on Twitter, start a campaign like this: #eathealthy, #whatyouhadforlunch and these are just two ideas.

If you get lucky people will start to share it immediately, but don’t be afraid to ask your friends and your team to spread the news.

  • Idea #2

Another online platform you should consider in order to put your brand out there is Pinterest. After you set up your page, you will want to spread the news of this page’s existence. We suspect you already have a Facebook page, so let people from this page know that you are also present on Pinterest.

When it comes to Pinterest contests, it’s all about boards (folders with pictures in it) and pins. You make a special folder with, let’s say, 10 recipes you have at your restaurant. You number each picture and every day/every week you ask people to “repin” their favorite picture and at the end of the day/week you will select a number with

After this, everybody who “repined” that picture will get a number and then with you will select the winner. A prize idea is: a meal with a special person at your restaurant.

  • Idea #3

Simplify your message with the help of pictures. If you want your fans to be more active and share things you post, create special pictures with a motivational message, maybe a quote. People, especially on Facebook, love to share quotes, which lighten their day, with nice pictures in the background.


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