Businesses cannot be 100% successful without online campaigns. So a great idea is to use the social media tips and tricks The Munch Ado Crew has discovered. From time to time, we will keep you posted with everything that the competition is doing and give you insight into what you can do better.

Social media campaigns are a must and they end up being quite interactive. Most promotion ideas can be done on every social media platform: Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, but especially on Facebook and Pinterest.

  • Idea #1

If you want to attract new fans on Facebook, take advantage of your website or make a partnership with another brand and create a contest. Every user can participate once; first they have to like your Facebook pages and then answer an easy question, followed by sharing the contest on Facebook.

Then, the winner will be chosen with This website offers an easy to use generator. You put in numbers (1 and the number of how many people have entered your contest) and then generates a winner number.

This idea will work because it is simple, you don’t ask much of the user and you get to promote your restaurant and your Facebook page. As a prize you can offer the winner a special dinner, maybe a romantic one. Couples love these contests.

social-media-campaigns-I (1)

  • Idea #2

Facebook offers you the possibility of boosting a post which is going well or one which you know might go well. Use it in order to promote discounts at your restaurant.

Post a good visual with a catchy phrase and then boost the post so more people can see it – it will appear on their news feed page as a sponsored post.

  • Idea #3

Always post pictures on your social media pages, even on Twitter. A lot of restaurants post pictures on these websites with healthy recipes or even tips and tricks about how to stay healthy.

Some people post pictures with easy to do exercises at home; others post ideas of detoxification diets, special meals for vegetarians or for people with allergies. Share pictures with a meal and how many calories it contains. Teach your fans how to stay healthy, what vegetables and fruits to eat each season and so on. Start the move from like to trust.


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