Around this time of year the weather usually starts to change and things start feeling like fall. We had a little taste of that here in New York City earlier this month, but as it progresses, the weather seems quite unpredictable. Okay, enough of the weather report.

We just wanted to tie everything together for you, you know, Thai up some of those loose ends. We know your busy with work, school schedules, planning the holidays and more, so we wanted to give you a break. A lunch break that is.

Here are a couple of Thai dishes where you can tie up your loose ends and relax all at the same time.

Tamarind Whole Fish – Sea Thai, Brooklyn

Tamarind Whole Fish (2)

Red Curry – Sweet Basil,┬áKips Bay

Red Curry (5)

Drunk Man Noodles – Spice, UES

Drunk Man Noodles (1)

So let us help you Thai everything together. Who doesn’t love a different dining experience? Who knows, you may find something that you’re absolutely obsessed with!

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