Social media is all about “sharing is caring”. This applies to sharing anything a brand posted and also to positive or negative feedback. Feedback is always important, because it means you are getting somewhere. People have heard of you and they are reacting to what you offer. So let’s discover the influence of online marketing.

A lot of restaurants owners are afraid of being active on social media platforms like Facebook. They think this might bring more damage to their business than attract good feedback. As it turns out, customers aren’t always influenced by a few bad reviews.

The influence of online marketing

Their main concern is what the majority says. For new customers it’s important to hear that a lot of people had a blast eating there. But they also want to see that the restaurant’s team members are listening to their issues and are making everything right. This is one way to make them ignore a few negative comments.

Recent surveys show that the influence of online marketing has less than 10% power on dining decisions. So why do people encourage this kind of marketing? The purpose of online marketing is to bring awareness to your brand and keep contact with your customers.

Each owner should always take advantage of free publicity, even if it is bad, because this way they can improve. Moreover, that almost 10% translate into millions of visits to restaurants.

What are users interested in?


Information is power. Even if you make mistakes as an owner of a restaurant, you have to learn from them and do it right the second time. An example of a “big no no” is giving your clients what you want, not what they need. And everybody needs social media.

A lot of customers say that a visible menu is important when it comes to making a dining decision. The menu is even more important than reviews, prices, location and photographs. You can place the menu on your main website, a Facebook page or on Munch Ado.

Besides deals and special offers, here is what charms people:

  • menu
  • general information
  • reviews or recommendations from friends
  • loyalty programs (which Munch Ado offers)
  • the possibility of pre-ordering online
  • nutritional information

Next, take into account that people are getting more informed about eating healthy. Moreover, you should always include special meals for people who are on a diet. They can be on a medical diet too (e.g. diabetes, allergies). You can also do this for vegetarians or for children.

If you apply these ideas, don’t forget to promote them online. Feedback will follow.

How do you carry out a successful online campaign?

The first idea which comes to mind is with the help of special offers. Another suggestion is to keep fans updated. Do this by posting general information about your business, like when you change the menu.

Another idea which customers value are “friendly recommendations”.  After you find out who are the popular people in town (e.g. socialites, bloggers), invite them to your restaurant to try new meals.

Even if your friend doesn’t tell you about a new place, a person whom you respect or admire will have the same impact: you want to go there too.

Whatever is “hip” in town attracts attention. Making your restaurant “hip” is an easy task. That’s if you execute this idea among special offers, menu posts and Instagram photos.


Photo credit: ePublicist / Foter / CC BY-ND 2.0, pixabay

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