After you accomplish the first goal – bringing customers into your restaurant, as a restaurant owner you should try to get to the next level: turning couples into regular customers. We also come bearing gifts, which is you won’t go through this alone. We’ll walk you through all the steps needed in order to achieve your goal and when we’re done you’ll already have a few regulars lining up.

Statistics show that most people who go out to restaurants are between the ages of 25-44, they have a job and some are in a relationship. Americans love to eat out, some statistics show that people end up eating out up to five times a week.

Why is eating out so easy? Because some restaurants have special offers which make it cheaper to eat out than to cook at home and another advantage is that there are almost one million places which serve food in the US.

When you go out with your better half you want to enjoy the experience, not comment on everything that is going wrong around you, right? Putting yourself in the customer’s place is the first step.

What do customers want?

Two easy to understand things the customer wants are:

  1. if customers makes a reservation, he or she wants the restaurant’s team to respect it
  2. when customers come in, he or she wants the staff to know who they are because, after all, if they called, the restaurant’s team already know something about them: the name on which the reservation was made

Next, as a restaurant owner, you must teach your waiters to treat couples with respect – do your best not to interrupt them. Waiters should stay close for information or refills, but they shouldn’t linger like shadows. Also, if you know you have a few big reservations that day, think about the placement: try not to put a couple next to noisy tables.

Then, some customers love it if after they have eaten you come and ask about their opinion – it helps if you come with a special dessert on the house. If you see everything is right, you can continue by giving them a special offer: another romantic night out. This is how you start the beginning of a beautiful „relationship” between your restaurant and them.

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How to turn couples into regulars?

This collaboration doesn’t have to stop here. After you see couples coming in for their romantic night, engage them with another offer: free delivery home or special discounts and so on. Loyalty campaigns are a great marketing strategy.

The main key to success is to transform your customers – couples – into regular ones by making them feel special. Ask for their email in order to send special offers or other information, invite them to give you feedback and reward them for their loyalty.

Last, but definitely not least, take advantage of their high-tech phones and social media to make a stronger connection and spread the news. Ask them to share photos on their Facebook or Instagram pages, but wrap this into an „online couple’s campaign” of your restaurant.

Now you are able to better understand couples and you found out how to make the first step to turning a couple into regular customers. If you admire what they have as a couple, their romance will take you a long way.


Source: statisticbrain, upi Photo credit: picjumbo, kaboompics

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