It comes around once a week and it’s almost always a great time. It allows you to gather with friends and family to plan your weekend. It allows you to gather with coworkers to talk about anything other than the monthly reports. That’s right New York, it’s Wine Wednesday.

Gather the crew and get lounging because we’ve gathered some options for you to visit. Whether you’re into wine or beer, inside or outside, have a couple of drinks and start actually enjoying Wednesday.

Aria West Village, West Village

If you’ve seen our Walls of Wine post, you’ll know that of course we are fans of any place that literally has walls made out of wine. Don’t count out Aria in the West Village as one of these places.

Aria Interior West VIllage

Il Forno, Hell’s Kitchen

If you want to feel like you are actually in Italy, you must visit Il Forno. As you can see, you can pretty much travel to the country without leaving New York. Anyway that we’re able to experience an Italy getaway in the middle of the week, we’re in.


Lionsbeerstore, East Village

So okay, we get it. Wine is not your thing. That’s totally fine! Luckily for you, Lionsbeerstore exists. If you’re looking to seek out a new beer/bar food combo favorite, you have certainly come to the right place.

Interior 1

We welcome Wine Wednesday pictures on our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat, so be sure to send them our way. Tag us on social media and let us know where your favorite place is to unwine-d.

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